Many hair- and skincare products are entering the market with “you in mind”, which is great. However, how often did you had the chance to actually help create that product with your feedback and tips? When was the last time your input was asked to help create the product that is being made “with you in mind”.  Was there a time where you were actually involved in creating a product before it was introduced to the market?

Back in the days, when I still had my natural hair salon in Amsterdam, one of our unique selling points was the fact that we never sold a product before testing it on your hair first. This ensured you as a customer that, once you got home, you could be sure that you had the product that fit your hair needs. 

I no longer have a salon, but I have thought long and hard in what way I could still involve you in the process of creating a new product.  And then it hit me “Get them involved before in the creation of the product”.

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Be privileged to test products before they are released to the Market

How often have you purchased a product only to find out that it is not really working for you? The hydration that the ad promised or the deep conditioning effect it promised seems to be missing.

I have to admit, it is really difficult to create hair products that meet everyone’s needs. Just like you, your hair is unique. The need for your hair may not be the same as your neighbors’. It is therefore very much possible that the product that works wonders for your friend’s hair, may not work for you.

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So Here is how it works

If you have been following me, you will know that I do not believe in the “one jar fits all” thing. I believe that you should, first of all, look at the need for your hair. Then, based on that need, you find the product that fits that need. Unfortunately, most people still do it just the other way around. 

They still purchase products based on how it looks on someone else hair, which will not always guarantee that it fits your hair need.

I love to formulate products that actually work. And if I could, I would lock myself up in my workshop and formulate day and nigh. However, I do need to see the sun every now and then. So, this is how I was thinking to let you help me create products that work for you. 

What if you could test a product and give feedback before it even is introduced to the market? what if you could participate and be part of how the final product will be, in terms of ingredients, fragrance, etc. would that be something you would want to participate in? 

Before I continue, I want you to know that I formulate all my products in a safe way, using GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice), yes, I even have my certificate. 

 I love to work with unique ingredients that I source from all over the world. This is why you will find product lines that are based on Okra, Flaxseed, Hibiscus, Guava, and so on. 

I stay away from harsh chemical ingredients and/ or ingredients that have been tested on animals.  I work with naturally derived and/ or organic ingredients.

Sounds Good?

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This box includes:

  • Creamy conditioning shampoo
  • Protein hair mask
  • Deep conditioner
  • Flax leave-in conditioner
  • Okra leave- in conditioner
  • scalp cleanser

Okra Leave-in Conditioner

A moisturizing leave-in, enriched with okra extract. Contains vitamins and minerals that aid in the hydration and strengthening of the hair. This leave-in leaves the hair soft and smooth, ensuring a beautiful curl definition. 

Approximate retail price : € 19,95

Scalp Cleanser

Scalp detoxification is as important as detoxification of any other part of your body. To remove the gunk and toxins from your scalp you must use scalp cleanser once a week.

Approximate retail price : € 75

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All testers are delivered in neutral packaging and do not have the official labeling. Both packaging and labeling are very simple. 

We incentive you 

As one of our testers, you will have a couple of privileges:

  • You will be able to order the product before it enters the market
  • You will get your products at a discount
  • You will be able to share your experience with others and earn a commission doing this

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